Sealing off hydrogen – and preventing explosions. AFM 34 flange gaskets for inert gas equipment.

The challenge
Feed in and discharge hydrogen safely. Hydrogen is used in tempering steel in industrial furnaces, where it serves as an inert gas for normalization and recrystallization. Its high diffusibility makes hydrogen very difficult to seal off. What’s more, it’s highly flammable and forms dangerous explosive gas upon contact with the oxygen in the air.

The Victor Reinz® solution

Uncompromisingly safe and gas-tight – AFM 34. Outstanding mechanical strength together with excellent gas-tightness. AFM 34 is over a thousand times tighter than the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft) requires for volatile organic compounds. It also has many other approvals. This provides safety – with hydrogen and in many other applications.

Detailed information on AFM 34 in case study flyer and spec sheet.

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Case Study

AFM 34 (Flange Gaskets for Hydrogen)