Install and forget. AFM 34 flange gaskets.

The challenge
Permanent contact with the medium at fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions: liquid and/or gaseous chlorine, a temperature range from -34 °C to +105 °C and pressures of up to 20 bar. What’s needed is a secure and permanent seal for a flange with sealing lip and/or flange with groove and spring.

The Victor Reinz® solution
The high security factor gasket material – AFM 34. Over a thousand times tighter than required by regulations such as the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft). Suitable not only for volatile organic compounds, but also for many other substances. AFM 34 is highly resistant to chemicals and possesses tremendous mechanical strength, making it the ideal solution wherever permanent sealing integrity is required – without any unnecessary risk.

Detailed information on AFM 34 in case study flyer and spec sheet.

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Case Study

AFM 34 (Flange Gaskets for Pipe Flanges)