No small matter. AFM 34 screw joint gaskets for gas heaters and thermal solar plants.

The challenge
Very small sealing surface, extreme local forces, constantly fluctuating temperatures: No small matter for a small gasket. Especially if the media which have to be sealed off are natural gas, (hot) water and heat transfer liquids. Reliability is absolutely essential, as is certification for natural gas and drinking water applications.

The Victor Reinz® solution

Maximum strength and dependability, even if width and thickness conditions are highly unfavorable: AFM 34 It has everything which screw joint gaskets lack: gas-tightness, chemical resistance, mechanical strength at high temperatures. The approvals necessary for using it as a gasket in the fields of drinking water (KTW, WRAS) and natural gas (DIN-DVGW) are obligatory for AFM 34 anyway.
Helping make it easy to harness the power of the sun and natural gas for hot water supply and space heating.

Detailed information on AFM 34 in case study flyer and spec sheet.

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Case Study

AFM 34 (Screw Joint Gaskets for Gas Heaters and Thermal Solar Plants)