By professionals for professionals. MatriCS cylinder base gaskets.

The challenge
Daily business for all professional chainsaws: Turn on, gun the engine, idle and turn off in rapid succession. The gasket for the cylinder base must be able to dependably handle the dynamic stresses and temperature change. Aggravating circumstances: narrow sealing surface webs and a split sealing surface.

The Victor Reinz® solution
MatriCS, the beaded metal gasket with highly functional fiber-reinforced elastomer coating. The special configuration of the beads allows individual adaptation to the surrounding components, thus guaranteeing an absolutely secure macro seal. The compressible coating also provides an outstanding micro seal. The high pressure resistance of MatriCS minimizes dead spaces which impair performance.

Detailed information on MatriCS in case study flyer and spec sheet.

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Case Study

MatriCS (Cylinder Block Gaskets for Chainsaws)